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Sentega Labels takes its vision, mission, objectives and strategy as a principal basis.

Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategy

Sentega Labels has the vision to be the leader and innovator of labels and labelling solutions in the VIP market. Sentega Labels sets out to achieve this mission by looking closely at the market requirements and ensuring constant improvements to our processes and service. As a market leader in Europe, Sentega Labels has a good reputation for quality and innovation established by working closely with customers and suppliers. This reputation is built by involving our customers in the thought processes, the implementation of the smartest technology and our rich experience in product development.

With both the unique products and the related technologies Sentega Labels delivers solutions that produce measurable benefits and not just to meet existing needs, but also to improve workflow, productivity, efficiency and reliability of your operations. Sentega Labels serves many markets including retail, manufacturing, logistics, chemical, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. This blends perfectly into our mission.

The mission of Sentega Labels is to become the recognized market leader by providing cost effective quality labels in the form of "simple" VIP labels, but also by providing innovative products for a variety of applications. We want to fulfil this mission using the knowledge and capability within our company when we produce every label.

In order to achieve the objectives our quality and innovation are controlled in a consistent way at Sentega Labels. To do this we have chosen a quality system which meets the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. By the proper use of this quality system Sentega Labels can ensure consistency, structural revision and improvement of the processes.

At Sentega Labels we always keep our strategy, how to provide "simple" VIP solutions, at the forefront of our approach. In addition, Sentega Labels has an aim to be the "Best of class". We achieve this by keeping a number of points in mind. These points are: higher sales per employee, purchasing and material efficiency, minimising waste in the manufacturing process, simple and focused organization and integration of related components. This enables us to excel in quality, service and flexibility.

Sentega Labels
is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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