The EasyDoc®, is a time-and cost-saving tool when sending packets, boxes, pallets, etc.
Sentega's EasyDoc® combines a variety of products in one when it comes to shipping goods.
The EasyDoc® can be used as an address label, packing list, and self-adhesive envelope.

  • The EasyDoc ® makes separate label printing unnecessary. You can print the EasyDoc® on any laser printer.
  • There will be no need to use multiple labels. The address label and packing list are printed on one document.
  • You will double the available space of the packing list, because the two sides of the EasyDoc® can be printed.
  • Save time by using the simple and very fast installation of the EasyDoc®
  • The EasyDoc® is environmentally friendly because there is very little wasted paper in the product.
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